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Fresh Boarder

Jug Paradise: East Coast "Bluegrass" Band

#252006 1 year, 6 months ago
Hey Friends of Furthur, I don't post much on here but i have had the pleasure of meeting some great folks and proudly posing with the flag. I thought this would be a good place to share some music i have been creating as of late in southern NJ. I play mandolin in a trio along with a guitarist and double bass. We have been playing together now for a little over a year and are just starting to scratch the surface of harmonizing and true improvisation. All the people i have met and gotten to know on here seem like they are very receptive so i thought id share something new. As a group we are really looking to improve, so feedback is encouraged. if you dig it, we have some shows posted on archive or you could find us on the facebook, "Jug Paradise" ... also if you are local we are always looking for gigs, and people to play with (fiddle perhaps)


Thanks Everyone,
at least im enjoyin' the ride
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