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Get your veggie burrito here! haha..


Save my email Friends and please send me yours
Love to all


Oh mama. Can this really be the end?

Cosmic Arkie

I think TGR(TUD) is just about the best song ever. I'm just sayin'.

Play Dead!

Denver Man

I know it's silly but this summer tour is driving me craaaazzzyyy!! I don't know if I should just wait for the Fall and hope for the best there or try something this summer uuggghhh! :)


Safe Travels All. May the four winds blow you safely home!


See you Kind Folks down the road! Geat Grateful! Play Dead !


hi·a·tus (hī-ā′təs)
n. 1. A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a TEMPORARY break


You can't make the winter babe
thats dry long so
You'd better come on in my kitchen
it going to be rainin outdoors